Can you believe they pay no taxes? Pt. 1


This is an organization ubiquitous with sports, a group of franchise owners, and their selected managers that don’t pay business taxes because they are organized as a non-profit organization.

Any idea who they are?  Here are some hints:

This Is a team contact sport

Their season begins late summer, and lasts through mid-winter

There is a total of 22 players on the field at all times.

If you guessed football, more accurately, professional football, you’re correct.

The top 5 managers of the NFL each earn $30 million a year in income.  Whether that is fair is another subject; but the NFL as an organization pays no taxes because of their non profit status.

Football is the most popular sport in the USA; it broadcasts on radio, television, cable, and mobile so that fans are always connected. Star players earn multi-million, multi-year contracts – I don’t have an issue with that either.

The team owners, which earn huge profits from broadcasting rights, tickets sales, and concession sales are exempt from paying tax.

So, the question is what constitutes a non-profit organization, and when does a non-profit organization (even if initially chartered properly) becomes a for-profit organization?

If these organizations paid taxes, it would help make a contribution to our national debt: these owners are benefitting from the infra structure provided them – roads for fans to watch games in person, city governments offering sweetheart deals for their teams to be in their city, and more.

Its time that the NFL be recognized as the for-profit organization that it is, and to pay their fair share of taxes.


3 comments on “Can you believe they pay no taxes? Pt. 1

  1. pam

    Right on brother!! Let’s boycott the NFL (where the ordinary man can’t afford to take his family of four anyway…) Time for a revolution!! .

    1. Colorist

      Better yet, there is a petition to sign requesting the IRS reevaluate the non-profit status of the NFL.

      I believe that they have over 200,000 signatures on this petition.
      Here’s the deal – the more signatures, the more pressure we can put on the IRS to revoke the non-profit status of the NFL.

      Forward this link to everyone you know, and ask them to forward it to 5 of their friends. Quite simply, the average American is picking up the tax tab for this elite group of owners. So really who is the Entitled – not the citizens collecting their social security checks – its the NFL Owners who are truly Entitled – they don’t have to pay taxes

      1. pam

        colorist…merely the status quo as we’ve discussed. do you have any additional info re the petition? (if i post something “private” can it be erased or is it indelible???

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